Plastering Pricing And Costs

If you are redoing your home interior, you will be looking at redoing the walls and ceiling. No doubt you have come across the option to go with plaster. Plastering walls is a popular choice for interiors in New Zealand and may provide the finish you are looking for.

What is plaster?
Plaster at it’s simplest form is a white pasty composition made of lime or gypsum, water, and sand that hardens when it dries. It is used for coating walls, ceilings, and partitions. Plaster is one of the most anience building techniques known, with evidence of very early buildings containing plasting techniques, and even the ancient pyramids in Egypt contain plastering done at least 4000 years ago that is still hard and durable today.

Why go with plaster?
Plaster walls come with a range of advantages including both aesthetic and practical positives. One main plus point of plaster is the durability. When properly mixed and applied, plaster creates and strong and durable wall finish with strong bonds in the mixture that are resistant to knocks and dents. When modern metal laths or tough backing boards are used the finish can be even stronger.

The cost of plaster can range greatly depending on the job. How much you will pay will depend on whether you are getting a single room or whole house done, and the amount of plastering which will be required. You will most likely be quoted on a per square meter basis. This will include the materials needed and the labour to get the plastering done. Occasionally some plasterers will quote based on room size, but this is usually an estimate and not a fixed quote. Another factor will be whether it is a fresh plaster job or if it’s a replaster and if there are any repairs to be done.

Approximate cost of plastering to standard quality finish in New Zealand including painting and skirting is as follows:

  • 10mm thick plaster board – $54- $62/m2
  • 13mm thick plaster board – $56-$65/m2
  • (Gib) stopping the wall to a higher standard (F5 finish) quality – Add $6-$9/m2


Ready to plaster your home?
If you are ready to plaster your home, get in contact with our team today to begin discussing your project. We will be able to point you in the right direction as far as types of plaster required and the best way to go about getting your project done, as well as a quote for the work.