New Home Builds

Have you been thinking about building a new home? This option seems assumed to be out of reach for most people. But is it really? How hard is building a new house really? Is it really an unobtainable goal for you?

New homes are popping up all over the place in Auckland, it seems everyone is at it. Building a new home is a excellent solution if you know exactly what you want and nothing you have seen seems to fit your requirements. It’s also a very good option if you have a big yard and would like to subdivide to get something back from your property. But where do you even begin with this process?

The first thing you want to deal with is making sure you can actually build and what requirements you need to meet. Which consents do you need? What rules do you need to follow? This is something you definitely want sorted before you even hammer in the first nail.

Once the paperwork is sorted and you know what needs to be done, you can begin the design and planning stages. How big do you want your house? What features do you want? How many bedrooms, bathrooms and kitchens? Now is the time to make these decisions and begin making an image of what you want. This is the stage for the technicalities to be worked out and to get ready to begin the building process.

Now the building begins. The foundation can be laid, the frame put up and the house slowly starts to come together. Soon enough there will be windows, doors, flooring and a roof. The exterior finish will be put on and it will be time to get painting. Hopefully you’ve decided on a colour by this point. All the other utilities will be sorted too like electricity and water, making sure you have all the necessities.

Once all the building is up and everything is done, it’s time to sort out the final inspection, consents and paper work. This can seem like a daunting task, but if you have someone who knows the process, things are much easier.

This whole process is something that we at Builder Ltd can help you with. If this all seems too daunting to take on on your own, never fear! We are here to help to make sure you don’t have to deal with the worries and stress of building a new home and that the whole process is enjoyable for you. Talk to us today and let’s discuss your new home!