New Home Build In Castor Bay, Auckland

Here is the latest home build project by the team at BUILD ME. This new home build is taking place in Castor Bay, Auckland.

The project involves an architectural design, and is being built brand new from the ground up, resulting in a multi storey luxury home for the owners. Started in April last year, this build is expected to be finished in late May this year and is approximately $2.5 million in build cost. It’s one big job! And don’t forget, there is more to a house than just the building works, and council inspections.

Once the architectural design was ready, our building team went hard to work. And as you can see by the photos, there was a lot to be done!



Almost a year on the job, our builders are nearing the end of the project. While some extras are still to be done, such as the pool being dug out this week, this job is on track to be done in the couple of months. We look forward to posting the finished project in the near future!