Need a Gib Plasterboard? What our Gib Plasterers do.

Gib plasterboard is a term you will hear all the time when you are involved in building projects. But what exactly is it and what do they do?

Plasterboard is used to make the interior walls of buildings. So a Gib plasterboard is a plasterer who applies plaster to walls, whether actually Gib or other materials such as concrete.

A Gib plasterboard‘s job involves applying plaster to walls and ceilings to create a finished look on the interior walls. This can mean installing walls in new buildings, fixing damaged walls or just refinishing walls that need an upgrade. The process goes as follows:

Plasterer’s Hawk

If the job is a basic one, the plasterer with begin with a solid surface or wire lathing that is attached to the surface. An even coat of gypsum is then applied to the face of the wall. This makes a surface that the plaster can adhere to. This works particularly well on concrete walls.

With the gypsum on the wall, the finishing coat can now be applied. This coat is usually plaster with a lime base. If lathing is used, a tool known as a hawk will be used to create a smooth texture. If a design is desired, the Gib plasterboard can use sculpting tools to create designs in the plaster to your desire.

If other elements such as chair rails or cornice pieces are desired, these can be constructed off site and installed in the rooms once the plaster is dry.

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