Master Builders Association: Who, Why, When

The Master Builders Association is a community of qualified builders who share the same commitment to building quality and safe built environments with a building Guarantee that’s “developed in New Zealand, by New Zealanders for New Zealand homes.”

Over 25 years ago, the Master Builders Association was set up as a wholly owned of the Registered Master Builders Association, collaborating with the government and the entire sector to uphold safe, sustainable building practices and the highest possible building standards. It also helps members to stay abreast with modern technology and new industry regulations to ensure they are and will remain the ‘cream of the crop.’ The association sets the standards for professionalism and a code of ethics for its members.

The association aims to shape the future of the industry by providing its members a comprehensive suite of business resources and support, including:

  • tailored education and training courses,
  • development of policy submissions and reports,
  • information and research on various industry issues,
  • expert advice on a broad range of topics,
  • representation at all levels of government bodies and industry organisations.


In addition, the association also provides networking opportunities and tools to help builders run and grow their business. Moreover, the association helps home and business owners find the right professionals for their new build or renovation projects. Hiring an accredited builder gives property owners peace of mind, knowing that their property meets a range of market requirements and are compliant with the Building Code.

Builders have a range of qualifications and experience. In other words, not all builders will provide the same level of workmanship and service quality. By choosing a builder accredited by the Master Builders Association, you will have the assurance that your builder is qualified, licensed and properly insured.

More importantly, your builder will demonstrate a high level of workmanship as association members are required to act in a manner that promotes the industry. They face accountability if they do not comply with the association’s Code of Conduct. If you are not happy with the quality of your builder’s work, you can write a complaint to the association and they will investigate the issue to decide the corresponding action to take against the builder.

As a homeowner, you can purchase the Master Build Guarantee for less than 1% of the build cost, when working with a Registered Master Builder. The Guarantee offers a layer protection against any problems that may arise during construction, including non-completion, loss of deposit, structural defects, and defective materials or workmanship. In addition to full-contract and labour-only residential building coverage, the Guarantee may also cover work done by subcontractors, fungal decay, rot, and other issues not included by general house insurance. The Guarantee will cover you for ten years starting the time you sign the contract.

Interiordesigners.nz is a proud member of the Master Builders Association. We can offer you the assurance of the Master Build Guarantee and all the benefits of our affiliation with the association.