Interior Construction Services: Creating a Covid Friendly Office

Two years into the covid pandemic and working from home seems to be the new normal. Many companies are eager to get their employees back in the office. However, pressure from employees over their safety due to the new omicron variants are higher than ever. Interior construction services may offer the key to getting people back into the office while also keeping them safe.

How can we fit out an office to keep employees safe during these times of uncertainty?

Social distancing in the workplace

One of the most challenging aspects when it comes to making an office covid friendly is maintaining social distance. Interior construction services can retrofit existing offices with dividers to protect employees at their desks.

One straightforward solution is to return to the cubicle. Cubicles have been out of fashion in the workplace for more than a decade now. Employees and employers dislike the cubicle for their discouragement of interaction. Modern cubicles do away with the four wall design yet still create separate spaces while maintaining an interpersonal feel. Glass walls between desks allow workers to sit at their desk without a mask while protecting their neighbours from germs. All the while allowing employees to feel the presence of their team.

Reduce touched surfaces

One of the main ways viruses spread is through shared surfaces. Eliminating the need to use your hands to do trivial tasks such as opening doors or flicking a switch could reduce the chance for transmission in the workplace. 

Renovate the entrance to bathrooms to be a doorless entry system, which uses privacy walls instead of a door to hide the inside from passing eyes. Install automatic light switches to eliminate the need to flick switches. Set lights to come on and turn off at certain times or when motion is detected. In bathrooms, use motion sensing faucets, soap dispensers and hand dryers. 

Reimagine office function with Interior construction services

Many experts are claiming working from home is here to stay. With many workers preferring to work from the comfort of their home, they are turned off by the idea of coming back into the office. Therefore for many companies a hybrid work model may be the future. Calling into question the current model of how we use the office. Meaning now could be the time to reinvent and rethink how your company uses their office space by creating a more collaborative environment. So, when employees do come into the office they can make use of the in person time to collaborate and meet more effectively.

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