Home Renovation Costs Explained


Renovating your house can be both a blessing and a curse. It’s a wonderful experience if it goes without a hitch but can be a nightmare if you don’t go into it with both eyes open. You need to know and compute the potential costs prior to embarking on that house repair.

So how much does a house renovation cost? It depends on a lot of factors – most important is your budget and how much you will need to pay for the materials and the building contractor. Some contractors will charge you an arm and a leg so beware.

I recently had my house renovated and I’d like to share my experience with you. Let me give you a rundown of what I did for each area of my house, as well as how much it cost me. I hope this will give you an insight into your potential costs for repairs and renovations.

Bedrooms and Lounge Areas

I needed new floors, as I wanted to use hardwood floors instead of carpets, which are a nightmare to maintain. I had the contractor install new hardwood floors. Now my living room and bedroom look amazing and chic!

I bought and had a new bed installed in my bedroom, as well as a new bed for each room, 3 in all. I had hardwood floors installed in each bedroom. Now everyone can enjoy that classic old-fashioned look with the convenience of fast and easy clean up in case of spills.

I bought several pieces of furniture for my living room. I got a new couch, a new coffee table, had new shelves made for my entertainment room, as well as shelves for all of my books, which are a lot!

For my entertainment and gaming room, I got new lounge chairs and several mini-couches with throw pillows all around. There, I placed my television set, home theater with surround sound, as well as our gaming computer. Yes, I still used hardwood floors for my entertainment/gaming room.

Total Renovation Cost: $900.00

Kitchen Renovations


I had tiles installed on the floor and painted my kitchen walls white. Now I have pristine walls and tiles. Next, I had an oven installed so I can bake anytime I want. I also had exhaust vents installed for my kitchen to ensure that everyone who uses it will be safe from fumes.

Next, I had a new sink and dishwasher installed, which make it so much easier to wash dishes. Finally, I had a countertop made for meal preparation. I chose a marble finish for my countertop. My walls are pristine and so are my floors.

I also had kitchen windows installed. I chose to go with a rustic theme – a throwback to old-fashioned homes that looked beautiful in contrast with my shiny white tile walls and floors. It also blended well with my countertop, which I love to bits as now I have more room to cook in my very own kitchen.

Total Renovation Cost: $1000.00



I chose to splurge on my bathroom because it’s one of my favorite places where I can relax and think without being bothered by anyone. I had a fresh toilet bowl and sink installed. I also had a hot/cold shower installed along with a gorgeous bathtub. I asked for a shower stall made purely of glass and I got just that.

I had floor to ceiling white tiles installed for that crisp, clinical look. I had another sink installed next to the shower stall and a medicine cabinet too. Finally, I had windows installed, which also serves as an emergency exit, just in case.

Total Renovation Cost: $700.00


I love to tinker in my garden so for sure I wanted to make it a beautiful place to spend time in. I had a walkway made, something rustic with old stones and grass in between. I also had my plants arranged in a wall that was purely dedicated for hanging plants.

I bought new garden table and chairs where I can relax with my family at the end of a busy day. I got them at an antique store close by and had a swing installed too. You can’t imagine how happy my 2-year old was when she saw it.

I love swimming and so does my family. So, we had a swimming pool installed, to everyone’s delight. It’s not that big but it’s enough to make us happy. I had sky blue tiles installed for my pool, as well as the surrounding area. I also had a heat pump installed in my pool, just to be sure that we can enjoy it anytime we want, night and day. Now we can go swimming and host pool parties whenever we want. I can’t tell you how happy it made my family.

Total Renovation Cost: $1,200.00


Renovations can cost a bundle, especially if you’re not careful with each part of the repair. You need to know your budget and discuss it with your contractor prior to embarking on that renovation project. Costs can balloon, and, if left unchecked, it can overwhelm you. So be careful. Choose your contractor wisely and go over every little detail with them even before your renovation project begins.

Get ready for a topsy turvy house while the renovations are ongoing. It also helps to list down every item that you will need for your renovation, as well as a list of things that you want replaced or renovated. Be guided by your list but be prepared for some unexpected eventualities.

Remember, renovations are meant to bring about joy when it’s all done. So your family should be in the loop even during the planning stages. Who knows? Your 6-year old might have brilliant ideas for you to use.

If you’re ready for your renovations and are looking for contractors who will serve you well and won’t rob you blind, contact us. At Interiordesigners.co.nz, we’re happy to help you get started on renovating your old house and turning it into your dream home.