Home Extension And Renovation Completed In Panmure

The team at Builder Ltd has just completed the extension and kitchen renovation of a home in Panmure, Auckland.

On this project, the house was to be extended on the back to include a bedroom with ensuite, dining area and increase of kitchen size. This meant taking down the back quarter of the house, including the outside walls, to move them further out on the side while building the new section at the back.


The foundation of the extension had to be built, which made the floor of the house inline with the deck. The bedroom and ensuite area is raised on another level with a small staircase for access. Two sliding doors face the deck for easy access from the kitchen/dining area to the porch. There is also a sliding door on the side of the bedroom.

After a month on the job it’s finally at the end, and the owners are happy with the result. They now have space for two children, three adults, a guest room and more than enough room to party. The kitchen has been fitted with all new appliances including a talking fridge, gas hobs, built in dishwasher, and an extractor fan the rises up from the granite benchtop to do it’s job.

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