Gib Plasterers In Auckland Are Busy!

2018 is here and building is still booming in Auckland. Everywhere you turn you will still see houses being built, construction going on and more projects starting every day.

Gib plasterboard in Auckland have been very busy in recent years and the demand for them has not let off in the new year. As more houses are being finished off, gib plasterboard are being called upon to complete the interiors of homes. Tasked with the finishing of the walls, their job is crucial to the completion of a home that not only looks the part, but functions as it should for the new occupants.

With more and more homes being built and coming to a completion, the pressure is on gib plasterboard now more than ever. Gib plasterboard is one of the last steps to completing a home, so a gib plasterboard can hold up the process of a home being ready for the market or new owners if he does not work within the time allocated.

Gib plasterboard involves everything from applying the gypsum to finishing of the intricate details of skirting boards. The job begins by applying an even coat of gypsum to the wall or ceiling face, creating a surface to which plaster will adhere. Gypsum is especially useful for concrete walls, though these are not so common in New Zealand. Once this has been done, the finish coat can go on. This is usually a lime based plaster, and is applied using a hawk. This will give the plaster a smooth texture.

A gib plasterboard can also accentuate your rooms by creating designs in the plaster to enhance the look. This can include everything from chair rails to recessed designs in the plaster. This can add a lot of character to a home when done correctly as is something a professional gib plasterboard can help you with.

If you are in the process of building your Auckland home, now is the time to secure a gib plasterboard to complete your project. We have a team of gib plasterboard professionals who will bring the finish you are looking for to the walls in your home. If you are unsure of what you want in your home, our team can make recommendations based on the design of your home and work with you to achieve the overall look you want.