Commercial Interior Works for Office Max

Lighting up a commercial property requires meeting certain standards. For example, if you wish to brighten up a distribution space with about a thousand square metre area, you will need to reach at least the minimum lighting standard of 400 LUX. Sadly, many rarely pay attention to their commercial lighting interior systems, thinking that it has no bearing on an employee or customer’s behaviour.

The Importance of Commercial Lighting

As it turns out, lighting has indeed plenty of effects in a business space. For starters, it can alter the overall mood in the room. If it’s too dark, the place may appear gloomy or unappealing. Consequently, when the room uses warm lighting, it feels welcoming and relaxing.

Commercial lighting also affects how people might perceive your products or business. For example, if you’re putting products on display, good quality lighting products or fixtures also help you accentuate the best features of the items. Some shops even turn to industrial lighting designs to achieve a laid-back feel, similar to a loft

Experts also explain that good lighting plays a pivotal role in keeping employee productivity levels high. For warehouses or distribution centres, setting up the right lighting systems also minimises issues concerning quality control and ensures the workers’ safety.


What to Consider When Choosing Lighting Systems for a Commercial Space

Are you planning on improving your existing commercial lighting system? Here are some tips you can use to make an informed decision when hiring a professional to install and choose lighting products.

Determine the design that would best suit the space – It’s crucial to consider the space when thinking about the design of the lighting systems. This way, you can accentuate crucial areas such as sorting areas in distribution centres and product showrooms.

Choose the right lighting product – There are three main types of lights used in commercial areas, namely, fluorescent, LED lights, and high-intensity discharge lights. Learning which one best suits your workspace is crucial in creating the most optimal interior lighting design.

Factor in unique features in the space – For example, are there enough windows that can help let in natural light? How about the height of the ceiling? Are there specific things that aren’t present in standard commercial spaces? The more you look into such factors, the better customizations you can make when installing a lighting fixture or system.

Find a solution that will last for years – The last thing you want is to keep on replacing your lighting products or systems because they don’t work properly. Make sure to consult with a professional to know the best options for your commercial space.



Office Max Commercial Lighting Case Study

A fine example of our commercial interior service is our project with Office Max, one of the largest retail centres in New Zealand. Recently, they decided to close 14 stores all over the country and move their operations online. With that, having a functional distribution centre became one of their key goals.


As the leading commercial lighting experts, we worked with the NZ-based retail giant to create a bespoke indoor lighting system for their workspace. Our project aimed to provide a complete building package to help Office Max meet a 400 LUX working environment for their distribution centre. We also considered the overall layout and design of the building, prompting us to include structural bracing for the complex and busy areas.


Illuminate Your Working Environment with Build ME

Each commercial space needs unique and customized interior lighting work. If you want to light up your commercial building the best way possible like in the case of the Office Max distribution centre, we can help.

Contact us today for a quick consultation and quotation for your lighting needs. Our team will make sure that you receive top-notch service at the agreed schedule and price.