Carpet Laying – The Whats And Hows

You’ve come close to the end of your build. Your dream home is almost complete. You are down to the finishing touches. It’s time to put the flooring down. And you’ve decided to go with carpets.

If you are stuck on selecting the right carpet, these tips will help you. The right carpet can make or break a home, so careful consideration should be made to what carpet you go with.

Before you select a carpet, you need to consider things such as which rooms will it be used in, how much traffic does it need to withstand, will it be a family room or entertainment center, will it have direct access to outdoor areas and will it receive direct sunlight. The answers here will narrow your choices down to colors, construction type of the carpet and more. Other things you should consider are pets, children, elderly, heating flooring and high traffic, as these will also have an influence.

Once you have made your choice, you will no doubt want the installation to be a quality one. Your carpet needs to be installed correctly so that there are no visible seams and joins, bubbles and lifting, and that all the edges are clean. If an installation is not done correctly, over time the carpet can start lifting, stretching and showing signs of deterioration, which is why a quality installation is just as important as is the carpet you choose.

We as builders are also expert carpet layers in Auckland, and we will ensure that your carpet installation is of top quality and will last for years to come. We specialise in all types of carpet and can help you decide which option is best for your home depending on your circumstances. Talk to us today!