BuildME Pukekohe Kitchen renovation

Another Pukekohe client left very happy with their new kitchen renovation. Tired of her aging and outdated kitchen, the client called BuildME to design and install a kitchen renovation for their Pukekohe home.

Unhappy with the look and style of her kitchen, BuildME was happy to design a new kitchen for Wendy. Most people now are looking for something sleek and modern. We chose to integrate the new stove and oven into the countertop, creating a sense of flow and cohesion. Before the cabinets and benchtop were broken by the stove, making the kitchen feel small and messy.

Another design choice was the addition of blue/grey tiles going a third up the wall. This gives the workspace some much needed colour to the white bench tops as well and providing an easy to clean surface for any messy cooking.

When it came to the actual build it was relatively straight forward. Because the client had decided on such drastic change for their kitchen renovation, we were able to get simply remove all existing cabinetry from the kitchen. Starting fresh, we were able to slide in the new cabinets, using the existing plumbing and electrical.

It is always exiting installing a large single piece countertop. Luckily, we were able to slide it into place without much trouble. In the end this Pukekohe kitchen renovation was an outstanding success, leaving the client Wendy extremely satisfied. The kitchen renovation installation not only improved the overall vibe of the Pukekohe home, but also increased the value of her property.

If you are in the market for a home, bathroom or Kitchen renovation, the team at BuildME is happy to help you from start to finish, from design to build. Call us at 0800 632 8453 or contact us here.