Auckland Office Interior Fit out Trends for the Future Workplace

It’s no secret that the pandemic has reshaped how we are working, and Auckland offices must fit out their interiors to keep up with the trend. Workers have become accustomed to working from the comfort of their home, and business owners are desperate to get everyone back to the office. However, Millennials and Gen Z generations are resisting, unwilling to give up their newly acquired home working environment. That brings us to the new Auckland office fitout trends designed to get people back to the office without upsetting their new way of life.

Resimercial office design

The hottest trend of 2021 was the new resimercial design. A combo of residential and commercial aimed at bringing the comforts of the home into the workplace. Offices around the world are focusing on keeping their employees comfortable. Using soft warm lighting, soft furniture and natural homely colour palettes. 

When done right resimercial office design creates a flexible and comfortable working environment. Giving workers the ability to move around and stay relaxed as they get their work done. Of course, this does not mean sacrificing professionalism. Separate spaces such as quiet spaces, meeting rooms, etc remain. The idea is to give the option that workers had at home to get a change to scenery and recharge.

The Modular Office

Just like the resimercial office, flexibility is a major focus of the modular office. Auckland office interior fit out trends have shown us that an ability to adapt is a trend that’s here to stay. The ability to change your office layout and create new spaces as they are needed is incredible valuable not only to workflow but also morale. Mixing things up can help keep things fresh and ideas flowing.

Green Office Fit Out

There is nothing new about incorporating plants into the office. The green office refers to bringing greenery into the design language. This means making the decision to have gardens and large amounts of plants in the work space. It can also include using natural design principles to create spaces that feel organic, and not just another square shape.

Nature not only helps improve one’s mood but it can also help to reduce stress.

Overall, the trends of the 2021 office are very clearly optimised for two things. Comfort and flexibility. The office of the future affords employees to feel relaxed and work in the ways that suit them. Not everyone responds well to a cubical, and so giving them what they need may help improve productivity.

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