Auckland Builders Busy With Renovations

Our Auckland building team has been very busy lately with more and more renovations going on in all areas in Auckland. The house building market is still booming and we are involved right in the middle.

Here is a renovation we were involved in and are just finishing off the final parts to. A house extension in the suburb of Panmure. The home owners here needed more space, with a young child and now a new born they were in need of a bigger home. They decided to extend their current home and at the same time make the kitchen bigger and renovate the living area.

The ground under the new house area had to be excavated and leveled off to make room for the new part of the house. Once that was done we began the foundation and went from there. The interior involves a large living area with sliding doors which allow entry into the house. In the far end of the house, there is a raised floor which contains a bedroom and bathroom.

The walls and roof has since been finished along with the internal walls and flooring, and the paint has been done. The renovation is almost complete and the owners are very happy with the outcome so far. All that’s left to do is the fitoff of the kitchen appliances and the finishing touches and we will be out of there to let the home owners finally enjoy their new home in peace!

If you would like to begin renovating your home, get in contact with us today!